Blown head gaskets are scary. Like being alone in a cornfield at night scary or meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time scary. Blown head gaskets are so hair-raising in part because of the name. Anytime something in your car gets blown up, it seems like it’s a pretty bad thing. So if you’re wondering “Is my head gasket blown?” you’ll need to be able to recognize the symptoms.

In reality, the symptoms of a blown head gasket aren’t as scary as they sound. You’re not going to hear a “bang” when it happens, and there isn’t a risk of shrapnel from your engine. A blown head gasket most often is just a tiny leak in between your cooling passages in your engine’s combustion chamber. Most of the time, the leak is so small that your engine will run normally under most conditions. Unfortunately, this also makes looking for symptoms of a cracked head or blown head gaskets relatively difficult to diagnose. For a better explanation of what your head gasket is and what happens when it starts to leak, join me for another video adventure, and keep reading, of course.

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

This tiny leak can cause big problems, so it’s important to be on the lookout for the symptoms. Things like white smoke from the tailpipe, slow overheating, coolant leaks, and milky oil are easy-to-check indications that, if seen together, can point to a blown head gasket. There are also more advanced blown head gasket tests you can do such as a cylinder compression test or a chemical test of your engine coolant that can be more conclusive.

If you do have a blown head gasket, the repair is pretty straightforward. Replace the broken thing and drive on! I will warn you, the estimate you receive for a complete blown head gasket replacement might be even scarier than the cornfield. Although a complete head gasket replacement, including measuring and possibly machining the block and head, is the best and most effective way to repair your head gasket leak and keep your car running, there are two alternatives!

What If My Car Is Worth Less Than the Repair Cost?

First, you could leave your car to sit as a permanent fixture in your driveway, bum rides everywhere, and see how long it takes for your neighbors to start writing you nasty letters. The second option is an inexpensive one from BlueDevil Products that will actually keep your car on the road without replacing your head gasket. BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer is a guaranteed permanent blown head gasket sealer and will seal the leak in your head gasket. It’s so easy to use, I’ve done it on my vehicle.

Live Leak Free!

Sealing up that blown head gasket means you can have a stress-free and a safer commute because you won’t have to watch your temperature gauge like a hawk. No more watching the dash for the “low coolant” light to come on. It also means your car will be running right, and the only things you’ll have to be scared about on your drive to work are the other folks out there who aren’t taking care of their cars like they should. Want to learn more about the Live Leak Free lifestyle? Check out my latest video!