Why is My Car Making a Whining Noise?

Are you scared of what your car will sound like when you start it up every morning? Do people you know forget your name and just know you as "person with the noisy car"? Having a noisy car can be embarrassing and it can make you think your car is about to up and quit...

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Does Fuel Injector Cleaner Work?

When was the last time you used fuel injector cleaner in your car? Some folks put it in every tank of gas they use. Some folks haven't ever used it. Like many preventative maintenance items in your car, it often can be difficult to tell if they are really working, or...

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What is the Best Way to Do a Radiator Flush

Performing a radiator flush is something we should all be doing periodically on our vehicles.  Like any other fluid your car, your radiator fluid, or coolant will get dirty and wear out over time so it needs to be replaced.  The difference between your coolant and...

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Why Do I Have Squeaky Suspension?

Does your car squeak, creak, clunk, or otherwise make funny sounds when you're heading through an uneven parking lot? Do you creep up to stoplights slowly so that your car won't rock back and forth and make horrible sounds when you apply the break? If you've got a...

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Repairing Your Cracked Engine Block

Cracked engine blocks can be embarrassing and confusing. It can be embarrassing because the most common cause of a cracked engine block is not having the proper mix of coolant in your engine. Too much water (or only water) will keep your motor cool in the summer, but...

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