What Can Cause Steering Wheel Noise?

Your steering wheel can make all sort of funny noises while you're driving, and we're not just talking about your horn!  The reason lots of noises can seem like they're coming from your steering wheel because it is directly connected to the front wheels on your car...

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Signs of Transmission Problems

Transmission problems are terrifying! Even to most mechanics, automatic transmissions are boxes of magic and mystery, so when they malfunction, often the only recommendation you'll get is to replace the entire transmission because they are so difficult to understand...

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Not Blowing?

Is your air conditioning not blowing? This time of year, that can make things really uncomfortable and maybe even a little dangerous. If you've ever been caught in a rainstorm on a humid day, you know how quickly your windshield can fog up and how hard it is to be...

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How Do I Add AC Compressor Oil?

Just like the other pars of your car, your air conditioning system needs oil to ensure a long smooth life and to prevent premature wear and failures in the system. Unlike other systems in your car, there is no reservoir of oil that the system draws from or runs in to...

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What Causes a Blown Head Gasket?

Blown head gaskets can happen for lots of reasons, some that you can avoid, and some that there is just nothing you can do about. Unless you've got a huge leak and your car is just billowing white smoke while it's running, a blown head gasket can be difficult to...

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Why Do My Engine Belts Squeal?

Do your engine belts squeal every time you start your vehicle? Or maybe the engine belts squeal every time you turn on your air conditioning or turn your steering wheel to get out of a parking space. Maybe your engine belts just chirp all the time regardless of how...

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