Everyone has oil leaks in their car, right? I mean it’s impossible to keep your engine from leaking anything at all, isn’t it?  To set the record straight, most cars do not leak oil and it is actually pretty easy to stop the oil leaks in your motor.  Besides the problems oil leaks can cause in your car, which we’ll get to in a second, that oil your car is leaking goes somewhere. You wouldn’t take used motor oil and pour it into a storm drain, but that is exactly what is happening when you let your engine leak oil onto the road.

For the sake of your vehicle and the environment, learn how to fix whatever oil leaks you have in your car. Join us in the garage where we talk about how to determine the severity of the oil leak in your car and how to take action to stop the leak! You can also check out our other blogs to help walk you through other car problems you may be facing!

Consequences of Driving with an Oil Leak

  • Overheating
  • Worn Camshaft
  • Worn Bearings
  • Burnt Seals


The oil in your engine keeps things lubricated but it also helps remove heats from the rotating components. Add that with extra heat from a lack of lubrication and low oil level can cause your engine to get hot quickly even if your cooling system is working properly. Overheating, like an oil leak can quickly cause permanent damage to your engine requiring an engine rebuild.

Worn Camshaft

Engine oil lubricates both the cam bearings and the camshaft lobes as the actuate the valves. If either of these parts of the camshaft doesn’t have proper lubrication it will wear down the surface quickly. Worn bearings can create noise and worn cam lobes will cause the valves to not open fully leading to engine inefficiencies.

Worn Bearings

If your engine oil gets low enough the oil pump won’t be able to pick up any oil leading to a lack of pressure at the bearings. Since these bearings are still spinning at a high rate of speed they will get hot quickly and damage the surface of the bearings and the rotating shaft.

Burnt Seals

At the end of every rotating shaft, there is a seal that keeps the oil inside the engine. Seals like the camshaft seals and timing over seals are designed to work under certain conditions and if these conditions are compromised the seals can be damaged. For example, if your engine oil gets too hot it can damage those seals and lead to more oil leaks in your engine.

The first step to determining how bad your oil leak is is finding the rate at which it is leaking. If you join me in the garage (click on the video below), I will teach how to find that leak rate and what would be considered “too fast.”

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