Is your air conditioning not blowing? This time of year, that can make things really uncomfortable and maybe even a little dangerous. If you’ve ever been caught in a rainstorm on a humid day, you know how quickly your windshield can fog up and how hard it is to be able to see if your air conditioning isn’t blowing.

If your ventilation system isn’t blowing any air at all, then you’ve got a problem with your blower motor. The most common problem with your blower motor is a burned out resistor. For a quick read on how to replace that resistor in most cars, check out this handy procedure. For more information on that, join me, Clark, in the garage where we’ll talk through bad resistors and other AC problems!

If your problem is with your air conditioner not blowing cold air then your problem is somewhere in your air conditioning system itself rather than your ventilation system. To figure out what is going on with your system, it helps to know if the problem popped up suddenly or if your AC got slowly warmer and warmer.

Sudden Causes of Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

  • Fast Leak
  • Broken Cooling fans
  • Failed Compressor

Slow Causes of Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cold Air

  • Slow Leak
  • Clog in the system

Broken Cooling Fans or a Failed Compressor

If your air conditioner just up and quit on you one day, then the problem could be that your compressor has failed. This could be due to a bad magnetic clutch or an internal failer of your compressor. The magnetic clutch can sometimes be replaced without removing the compressor from the car but a failed compressor means pulling the old one out and installing a new or remanufactured unit. Similarly, broken cooling fans can keep your air conditioning from working at low speeds due to a lack of cooling in the condenser. These fans are attached to your radiator and easy to check to see if they’re running. If they aren’t, check out our article on diagnosing electrical issues.

Clog in the System

Depending on the size of the clog, you may lose cooling very slowly or over the course of a few days. The most common place for a clog in your air condition system is the dryer where water or oil may accumulate. You can identify a clog by measuring pressures in your system and can remove the clog only by replacing the clogged component.


Leaks are the most common reason for your air conditioning to not be blowing cold air. If the leak is large it can let enough refrigerant out to cripple the system in a few seconds. A leak like this could be a broken hose or a rock poking a hole in your condenser. These types of leaks are best solved by replacing the damaged component. Slower leaks could be due to bad o-rings, small leaks in a hose or tiny cracks in a component due to vibrations. Leaks like these are best solved by adding BlueDevil Red Angel A/C Stop Leak/ to your system using the BlueDevil Oil Injector.

Join me in the garage below to learn how Red Angel A/C Stop Leak works! You can also check out my YouTube channel for other incredible videos!

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