Just like the other pars of your car, your air conditioning system needs oil to ensure a long smooth life and to prevent premature wear and failures in the system. Unlike other systems in your car, there is no reservoir of oil that the system draws from or runs in to keep things cool and lubricated. The AC compressor oil is constantly cycling through the system entrained in the refrigerant. Due to the design of your air conditioning system, too much oil can clog the system and too little oil will lead to premature failure of the compressor.

To better understand how the air conditioner in your car works, join me, Clark, in the garage where we’ll talk through the principles of operation of your air conditioning system and what the different components in the system do. Now let’s talk about adding refrigerant and oil to your system!

How to Add AC Compressor Oil

  1. Evacuate Your Air Conditioning System
  2. Replace any Broken Components
  3. Add Refrigerant
  4. Add Oil

Evacuate Your Air Conditioning System

In order to replace any components in your air conditioning system, you first need to evacuate the system removing all of the old refrigerant and oil. The best way to take care of this step is to take it to a mechanic as the equipment used to evacuate the system and safely remove the refrigerant and separate the oil can be very expensive.

Replace Any Broken Components

Replacing the broken components in your air conditioning system is actually a relatively simple task. AC connections don’t require any special tools and you simply need to replace the o-rings on the fittings before reinstalling the new components. If your air conditioning system remains open for a long time, or your compressor had an internal failure, it can also be a good idea to flush the lines before reconnecting everything.

Add Refrigerant

Once everything is back together and the system is sealed up, you need to add more refrigerant. Before you run out to your local auto parts store and buy a bunch of cans of R-143a, you need to evacuate the system again. If there is air mixed with your refrigerant, the system will never function properly. Once the system is evacuated, you have to add refrigerant by weight. Adding by weight is the only way to be sure you have exactly enough refrigerant in your system. There should be a sticker on your radiator support or under your hood that indicates what type of refrigerant your system uses and how much to put in.

Add Oil

The same sticker that tells you how much refrigerant to add will also indicate what type and how much oil to add to your system. Once you’ve got the oil you can use our Red Angel Oil Injector to add your oil through the low-pressure port in your system.

You’re done! Your system now has the correct type and amount refrigerant and oil and should be keeping you cool! If you’ve got a leak in your air conditioning system and don’t want to go through all this hassle, you can add Red Angel A/C Refrigerant Stop Leak to your air conditioning system to seal the leak. Red Angel A/C Refrigerant Stop leak will remain in the system and act as an additional lubricant until it reaches a leak point. There, it will seal up the leak keeping your system running.

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