That day I started my car and it didn’t immediately overheat, everything changed…

…and I mean everything!  Check out my story and see how BlueDevil’s Stop Leak Products changed my life.  When you’re done, you gotta check out my YouTube channel as well as my blog for car maintenance tips and tales of how a leak stopper can save your car. I’m gonna be posting videos and talking car stuff with you, the people!  It’s gonna be awesome!

who is clark?

Get to know me a little better and find out what makes me tick.  I’m a family man with a passion for vehicle maintenance!


I’ll be posting videos here from my YouTube channel every other week.  You can check them out here as soon as they get posted!


Figured I may as well do some writing too for those of you who still prefer to read!  Check out my blog for car maintenance tips!


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